Tryout Schedule

Updated Tuesday January 30, 2018 by BYB.

February 17, 2018- Tryouts (skills assessment)

Location: TAC (Building adjacent to the BHS football field.)


9:30 - 13/14s

9:30 - 15/16s

11:00 - 11/12s

12:30 - 8s

2:30 - 9/10s

Please note each time is a starting time. We will end when the last player of that age group goes through, not necessarily just before the start time of the next group.

Players that attend the tryout are drafted and those players that do not attend the tryout are random hat picks - all players will make a team. Waiting list players will not try out and will be placed based upon availability - in the order they are registered.

Players that are 10, 12, or 14 AND played last spring will not try out. You will be placed on the same team as last year.

Rules of the TAC: No gum, food, or drinks other than water in a clear bottle/cup. You will be asked to remove them from the building. No metal cleats. No throwing balls except for while trying out. There are too many people in the building for everyone to warm up in there, and no one likes getting beaned in the head with a baseball. Please don't let children climb on the equipment.