City Championship Tournament Brackets

Updated Tuesday June 12, 2018 by BYB.

Bentonville City League 2018 Tournament Rules (Merchants Park age 7)


Single Elimination Tournament based on seeding from season play.

The seeds will be determined in order as below at the end of the regular season play:


1. Overall winning PCT Formula: (W+T/2)/GP=PCT

2. Number of wins

3. Head to Head record of tied teams (skip if more than 2 teams tied)

4. Runs against/games played

5. Coin flip


For all play leading up to the Championship Game, the higher ranked Team will be the home team. A coin flip will determine home team in the Championship Games.


Unless stated differently below, all regular season rules Will be in effect for BYB tournament games.

NO TIES: All games will continue with standard extra innings until a winner is determined.



In the event that a game is called/suspended/delayed/stopped before completion, it shall be completed from the point of discontinuance as if the game had not been stopped. The NO GAME rule does not apply to these tournament games.


CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (The following rules apply only to the Championship Game)

Home Team will be determined by a coin flip


Standard extra innings will be played if any game is tied after the above limits until a winner is determined.


Please direct any questions regarding these special Tournament Rules directly to your League Commissioner and/or Director.


Brackets below

2018 7yo Tournament Bracket.pdf